MagiName 2.2

MagiName is a digital file rename software to rename many digital photo files
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MagiName 1.2 is a shareware program developed by Keronsoft. We can download a free demo from the developer’s website and evaluate it for a 15-day period. Alternatively, we can purchase the product from the same site or from the trial version interface. This is a very useful utility for renaming photos, one by one or in batch mode. It has been specially designed to help photographers and users of digital cameras, with hundreds of photographs. These photos have codes and numbers but not real names. With this software, changing their name is very easy and quick. After installing the program and opening it, we can select from the directory on the left, which files, folders, items are to be renamed. They can be digital picture or digital photos. We can preview the photo files before taking any action. Then we can select to leave them in the original folder, or copy them to a new folder and rename them afterwards. We can also add creation dates into the name of the files and set up the counter.

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  • Most welcome after coming home from holidays with tons of digital photos
  • Renaming photos is very easy and takes no time
  • Simple tool yet very useful


  • None
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